Artist Statement


“Wrapture” series is a collection of acrylic paintings and photographic images of various items – mostly plastics – that have been picked up by the wind and carried off.  Through a series of unforeseen events these pieces have been hurled into the air – becoming tangled, knotted or snagged – and are now stuck in trees and fences along our highways. They have become works of art in their new environments – sculptures in motion. To the casual passerby these items may appear useless or forsaken, but to the curious they are treasures waiting to be discovered…inspirations of hope. I believe these images are metaphors of life when it takes an unexpected course and we discover our resilience, strength and even beauty in the moment.

I first started capturing these images in 2008. In the early mornings, as the sun began to rise, they lit up like Christmas lights along the sides of the road and up in the trees. I am still amazed at how the wind twists and turns and even knots these pieces. The decomposing process causes some pieces to take on the look of weathered skin. The fact that they look different the next week or even that same day is exciting. I love the delicate pieces powerfully and gracefully blowing in the wind contrasting against the harsh barbed wire or angry thorns that imprison them. The sunlight causes them to glow, giving them life, depth and even a voice.

In May of 2015, I had the honor of giving a TEDx Talk around the tragic loss of my daughter and how that relates to my fine art series called “Wrapture”. Watch here